Digital design and BIM

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is our name for the combination of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other advanced computer aided design techniques - including 3D modelling, parametric design and analysis. By using VDC Ramboll adds value at all stages of a building's life cycle.

Digital design


Gerry McFadden

Head of Digital Design and BIM
T: +971 4 334 3616

Our approach and experience

Creating buildings that meet the needs of society today and in the future is not an easy task. Ramboll has led the way in the use of a range of advanced computer aided design techniques that can help produce these buildings. We have a unique approach to using Building information modelling (BIM) and CAD, and combining these with analysis techniques – we call this Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). This approach has benefits for the entire building project team, future users and society as a whole:

  • 3D modelling and visualisations allow clients, designers and all stakeholders to experience the building early in the design process.
  • Clash detection resolves design issues before the building is constructed – minimising the risk of costly design revisions during the actual construction phase.
  • Building configurations and characteristics can be assessed, iterated and optimised before construction – resulting in improved sustainability and economy of the solutions.
  • Information is managed and shared efficiently between the project design team, contractors and future users –reducing time, cost and risk at all stages of the building's life.
  • Parametric design can rationalise complex geometries and relationships – realising architectural aspirations that would not otherwise be possible.
  • Efficient and elegant structural forms are created by combining advanced engineering analysis tools with 3D CAD and parametric design methods. This strong combination leads to inspiring buildings with minimised material and energy consumption.

We successfully utilise our Virtual Design and Construction techniques every day. We see these as a design toolbox. The key is using the most appropriate tool in the most efficient way – ensuring that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Combining computer software and project organisation procedures to realise the benefits of Building Information Modelling can be challenging. We have developed a methodology to overcome the various barriers. Using this methodology we can assist any of our partners to successfully adopt BIM on a project.

Research and development

Advances in computer aided design occur all the time. We are actively researching and working in collaboration with a number of partners to develop a variety of new design tools and processes:

  • 4D (time and logistics) modelling
  • Linking virtual models with real buildings
  • Parametric design
  • Interoperation of 3D and parametric models with other disciplines (including cost management, buildings physics and infrastructure)


Doha Marina Mall

Doha Marina Mall, Qatar

Marina Mall is a 180,000 sqm retail and leisure facility in the Lusail development on the east coast of Qatar. The mall includes over 70,000 sqm leasable retail over three main levels, as well as a hypermarket within the basement. It will also house cinemas, family entertainment centre, restaurants with terraces overlooking the marina and spa facilities.

Carlsberg Byen

Carlsberg City

Site 8 is the first major building of the Carlsberg city development complex in central Copenhagen. The complex is more than 100, 000 sq m and combines the teaching facilities of the UCC university with retail, office and residential uses. The area will be active 24/7 and will engage with in excess of 10,000 students per day creating a vibrant and active study environment.

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