Real estate development

Ramboll can assist you all the way from idea to consept. There are often risks and challenges related to real estate development processes. Essential for a successful real estate development process, is focus on establishing a solid basis for decision making early in the process.

We offer our services to public and private clients, for example:

  • Clients who request assistance with real estate design and development or investment in real estate.  
  • Private real estate owners, developers, investors, real estate brokers and real estate managers.
  • The public sector – government, municipalities and public concerns.

We can offer a wide range of services, for example:

  • market valuations of properties
  • real estate design and development
  • risk analysis and consultancy related to real estate development
  • analysis of real estate matters / land issues / property relations
  • consultancy regarding ideas and possibilities for real estate development 
  • purchase and sale of real estate (preparation and risk analysis) 
  • property measurement, dividing, assembling, transmissions, sectioning  
  • establishing of rights, easements
  • land acquisition and negotiations
  • expropriation
  • assessment procedures
  • land registration
  • land consolidation
  • urban land consolidation
  • planning processes
  • real estate management
  • project management
  • real estate law

Real estate development in the early process is divided in three areas of focus:

  • Regulation
  • Real estate matters / land issues / property relations.
  • Market

The developers financial opportunities are also important for the real estate development potential. These areas of focus determines the conditions concerning the real estate developers actions. This is essential to achieve a development which is possible, profitable and wanted.


Public regulations have a direct impact on the economy in a real estate development project, by a number of regulation decisions, requirements concerning utilization, assessments, specific physical solutions, interactions, joint planning, agree of development etc.

Real estate matters

All kinds of real estate development requires an analysis of the real estate matters / land issues / property relations. The analysis seeks to identify all the structures of the property.

The purpose of the analysis is to understand the risk factors in the real estate development, to be able to determine the projects criteria for success.

When regulation decisions and assessments determine the frames for regulation, an essential part of understanding the real estate matters is: surveyed knowledge of the real estates physical limitations, private agreements, legal protection of property rights.


“The government governs, the municipality decides, the market rules.”

The market is often the decisive factor with regard to real estate development, and the profit opportunities.

It is important to know the market and the factors that may influence, to be able to consider acceptable options/conditions for purchase, to consider the market, and finally to consider the value of the total real estate development project.

Ramboll has highly qualified personnel with a wide spectre of competencies, such as: land use planners, architects, landscape architects, community planners, engineers, geologists, economists, land consolidation candidates, real estate developers, lawyers.

Our expertise includes for example:

  • Maps and 3D-visualisation
  • Architecture and architectural projecting
  • Projecting in all technical disciplines (electric, sanitation, fire protection, building, acoustics and noise)  
  • Building and engineering project management counseling regarding energy, environment
  • Infrastructure projecting
  • Plans and regulation processes, including evaluation of consequences
  • Traffic, transport and communications consequence analysis
  • Geotechnical analysis of ground and possible pollution
  • Technical due diligence

Ramboll has approximately 1300 employees in Norway and is located 28 places all over the country. Worldwide Ramboll is located in more than 35 countries, with more than 13,000 employees.

Ramboll has unique opportunities to offer services in various fields of profession, as well as local knowledge.

Our department work closely with other departments in Ramboll with different fields of profession, which means added value for the client.


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